Top 5 key differences between Flutter vs React Native

What is Flutter app development?

Flutter is open-source software that helps mobile app developer to build native apps for Androids, IOS, web, and desktops through a single codebase. Google developed and maintain the platform. The fluter framework supports cross-platform development. It uses Dart programming language. It provides a more user-friendly interface and elements.

So Reactjs will help you to scale your business as well as in SEO. it is better to use React js for a better user interface but before choosing React js for your business web application needs first, you need to know the benefits of ReactJS development.

What is Native Technologies?

Native app development framework helps us to build mobile apps for a single platform. For developing Android native apps you can use Java and Kotlin programming languages. And for IOS swift and c can be used.

5 key differences between Flutter vs React Native

Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility and Scalability is the key difference between Flutter vs React Native. Flutter app development which is supported by Google and provides serval plugins. Flutter can create communication through platform channels between its Dart programming language and the native code if your app requires a plugin that is not yet available. You may thus create a Flutter app to carry out every function that a native app can. Business mobile app needs new advanced feature such as Bluetooth, GPS, different mobile permissions, and many other advanced features. All these features are available in the Flutter app, which will boost your business.


The Flutter app is one of the fastest-growing frameworks in the world compared to native app development. Flutter app provides 120 frames in one second whereas the other provides 60 frames per second. Dart language helps developers to check and evaluate their codes and ensure high performance from the applications.

Use of a Single codebase

Developers just need to create their code once because Flutter has a single codebase and functions for both iOS and Android. One benefit of having a single codebase is that it speeds up development. In native apps, Programmers must need to create unique programs specifically suited for iOS and Android separately, which require a lot more work and ultimately costs more money.

UI/ UX and Design

To offer your app a more organic appearance and feel, the Flutter app platform comes with a broad range of Design widgets. With Flutter, complex presentations are simple to make. Flutter differs from other frameworks as other frameworks cannot address platform-specific design challenges. Programmers may design customized widgets in Flutter based on their requirements. Flutter framework has an internal graphic engine that supports both ios and Android which helps to look app identical on all the platforms.


An app required collaboration between iOS and Android developers. Before flutter a lot of time and money were spent on it. Now to construct apps for both iOS and Android you have to hire only one developer as Flutter uses the same codebase for both. This will not only help you to save cost but it will help you to save time and invest your time in another aspect of the business. The maintenance of the app developed is less in Flutter vs React Native, which will increase the overall efficiency of your application

Some top companies using Flutter are Google, BMW, eBay, Alibaba, Hamilton, and many more


The Flutter app framework is the fastest-growing network around the world. It has some more advanced features than the native app. It is more efficient and less expensive. It has a better UI/ UX interface than the native app. The whole world and some big companies are switching to Flutter app development. Hope you understand the difference between Flutter vs React Native.

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