QA Automation/Selenium

Selenium is an open-source automated testing tool that is free and useful for assessing web applications on many operating systems and browsers.

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When development efforts increase, there is a chance that the supply of software may become jammed due to the dangers of spreading faulty software. You may reduce business risks, enhance user experience, and guarantee the success of your web applications by using continuous testing based on Selenium at every level of your development lifecycle. It could be challenging and time-consuming to take all the different elements into account.

Our end to end service

our selenium testing services framework offers a comprehensive strategy for qa process acceleration and digital service quality improvement.

integrating continuously with jenkins

when the scope and breadth of your program keep growing. you should be constantly checking the delivery's precision and effectiveness. the gd software selenium testing services team uses continuous integration to prevent you from seeing the annoying message "build is broken."

perfect framework construction

being organized inside a certain framework is frequently helpful in order to take benefits like enhanced code readability, reduced script maintenance costs, and code reuse in addition to the many advantages, our selenium automated testing services team creates and specifies the suitable framework for all of your selenium webdriver testing projects.

Services for customized reporting

your business needs to be handled with more care. we at gd software, create and provide specialized html test reports with help of in-depth analysis of all test findings. we help you make decisions that will enhance how your goods are used.

some of the other service we provide are-

  • Construct, test, and install automation
  • 24/7 maintenance and support
  • Analysis of performance and trends
  • Format and tools for automation
  • Framework for supporting test case convergence for spanning gui, web, and services
  • Test scripting and business-driven development

Why choose us

GDSoftware has assisted organizations in "shift left" and integrating testing with development in order to save cycle time, respond to changing business demands more quickly, and increase the ROI of their digital initiatives. With us, you will be getting

  • For all business situations, reusable test case libraries
  • Simple connection with popular tools for test management,
  • Continuous integration, and automation
  • Flexible architectural elements that may grow to meet your demands for automation
  • Tools that work in conjunction to support the whole Selenium automation lifecycle

Contact us with all your needs. We at GD Software will make sure to meet your demand at a specific time

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